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Routes 3, 3a & 4, 4a

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3 Central Island Route

Starting in the lane of Rue de la Chouquetterie, head south before turning right onto Rue Saint-Julien, and then then follow Rue De Neuilly onto Rue du Champ Colin. When you reach La Hougue Bie, head north, following the roads straight past St Paul’s Football Club and then bearing west from Rue de la Guilleaumerie. Turn right onto Rue Du Ponterrin and continue onto Au Bailli Street, looping around and heading through the lanes of Rue de La Garenne and Rue du Vieux Moulin. Take a right to turn north and pass Karynas Cakes before turning right up Rue du Douet. Take a left and cycle towards the village of Sion and bank up through the lanes of Les St Germains. Take Les Charrieres Nicolle onto Le Chemin des Moulins, winding around and keeping west before heading up La Rue des Bessières to St Mathieu Church. Pass around the back of the quarry and continue looping through the lanes heading west until you reach Elysée, where you need to turn right to travel along La Rue de L’Elysée. Turn left to head south to the crossroads at St Ouen’s Manor and continue straight down towards the coast via Mont Matthieu.


Length: 14.5 miles / 23.3 km         

Time: 2.25 hours approx.

Hills: 5        
Difficulty: Difficult

3a Victoria Village to Jersey Zoo

This route diverges from route 3 starting at Rue de Dielament (at the

Rue du Pont junction) and finishing at the world-famous Jersey Zoo.

When you reach Dielament Farm, bear right and then left and follow the road all the way to Rue de la Pièce Mauger, before turning left on to La Profonde Rue. Follow the road signs towards Trinity. Jersey Zoo is on your left, and the entrance is signposted.


Length: 1 mile / 1.6 km 

Time: 15 minutes approx.
Hills: 0
Difficulty: Easy

4 St Aubin's Bay to St John

Head up the cycle lane travelling north past the Seawold Guest House until you reach Paperclix. Chicane around La Rue du Moulin de Tesson and turn right past Tesson Chapel. Follow Meadow Bank to Les Charrières de Malorey and wind round the trees following this lane for a short while. Go straight at the crossroads of Morel Farm and continue following the road north, before turning right onto La Ruette d’Avranches and cruising past Six Rues. Keep north up La Rue du Douet de Rue and then turn right onto La Rue de Bel Air. Before reaching St John’s Manor, turn left into La Rue des Chasses and follow this road north all the way to St John.


Length: 5 miles / 8 km         

Time: 1.25 hours approx.

Hills: 1        

Difficulty: Medium

4a Tesson Chapel to St Mary's Country Inn

Begin at Tesson Chapel and head up St Peter’s Valley passing Le Moulin de Quétivel. Keep going up the hill, which joins Route de la Vallée, and then cycle along the side of La Hague Reservoir. Take a shortcut through La Vallée de Vas onto La Dimerie, eventually rejoining Route de la Vallée, which will take you to St Mary’s Pub.


Length: 3.3 miles / 5.3 km

Time: 16 minutes

Hills: 1

Difficulty: Medium

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